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This is a summary for English speaking visitors and readers of my website. My main interest is in the areas of New Zealand, Australia and Canada. Of course, all other visitors are also welcome. Do not hesitate to call me or send me an e-mail.

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I am a technical trainer, technical supporter and consultant. I continue to work with multimedia and linux systems. I am also familiar with the subject of social media marketing.

I do tasks that are typically located in the departments „SERVICES & SUPPORT“ and „LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT“ and „MARKETING & COMMUNICATION“.

Through my years of experience, I have an excelent reputation with regard to support, documentation, knowledge management and further education. My clients appreciate my support, my flexibility and my wide knowledge spectrum in the different areas of my expertise. Customer orientation is particularly important to me because the customer is always the focus. I am happy to help my customers with my knowledge.

I want to achieve more than just get a job done. With passion and enthusiasm I look for intelligent, innovative and individual solutions. With professional competence and a lot of experience, I put ideas into practice. My approach is sustainable and solution-oriented. Because I am interested in long-term business relationships to the benefit of customers and companies.

Kind regards
Claus Wolfgramm




My Professional competencies

  • Technical Trainer
  • IT Trainer
  • Soft Skills Trainer
  • Rhetoric Training for technicians
  • Meeting Moderator (up to 400 guests)
  • Webinar moderator
  • Production of radio broadcast
  • MS Office / LibreOffice
  • Apple OS X
  • Ubuntu Linux
  • Windows
  • IT networking
  • Operating systems
  • Printer integration in networks
  • Internal communication for campaigns
  • Assistant to the Technical Director
  • Interim Service Manager
    (Professional Print with Personnel Responsibility)

My Soft Skills

  • Relevant work experience
  • Structured and independent working
  • High level of commitment
  • Strong social skills
  • High customer orientation
  • Strong communication skills
  • Good team skills
  • Comprehensive quality awareness
  • Exceptional service orientation
  • High sense of responsibility
  • Quick introduction into new processes and tasks

My Technical Support

  • PC support, laptops, netbooks, tablets, desktop
  • Ubuntu Support for LTS versions
  • Hardware such as DSL, switches and scanners
  • Printing locally and in the network
  • Security when printing in the network
  • Security in the home network and in the LAN
  • Security for smartphones
  • DSL, WIFI and Ethernet configuration
  • Pre-installed workstation with Ubuntu Linux
  • Enduser Support
  • Technical Support
  • Remote Support
  • Set up of websites and hosting
  • WordPress Support

Documentation / Technical Writer

  • Project documentation, specifications, configuration lists, roll-out
  • Operation manuals
  • Seminar papers
  • Technical documentation such as service manuals, service plans, data sheets
  • Knowledgebase articles
  • Software Descriptions
  • Texts for online help systems
  • Brochures and catalogs
  • Translations
  • Keyword optimizations
  • Audio books, video tutorials and screencasts
  • Flyers and info sheets

Technical Training / Webinars

  • Fax
  • ISDN
  • Networking
  • Network Printing
  • Windows
  • OS X
  • Linux
  • Network security
  • Applications under Windows and Linux
  • Print controller
  • Customer instructions


  • Social Media Marketing, Xing, Facebook, Twitter, Google+
  • Presentations
  • Online reporting
  • Graphic design
  • Short videos and interviews
  • Concepts and sales strategies
  • Training of employees
  • Logodesign
  • Creation of websites and blogs with WordPress
  • Support of websites


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