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Delta Audio Engineering

Besuchen Sie auch die Webseite von „Delta Audio Engineering“ – Der Originaltext der Webseite:

Welcome to New Zealand made Audio Systems

For now more than 33 years I’ve been developing and producing custom-made audio equipment for renown manufacturers of stage – and studio engineering in Europe, mainly in Germany.

As Electronics Engineer, Graduation Diploma 1983, I know all about these little problems which can occur when designing, planning and installing a small or complex PA – or sound system.

Due to my experience in the field of studio equipment, stage audio and many years installing sound systems and servicing on-site, I have spent a lot of time on my own sound systems and was one of the first companies in Europe who developed „multi-zoning“ already in 1994 for my modular pre-amplifiers. By the way, so called „mult-zoning“ is really nothing new to the audio market. In the good old recording studio times we called it „routing“. Some today’s manufacturers call it also a „bus“ system. Anyway whatever you call it, technically it is still the same .

We are very specialized in “ one off “ or real specialized items. Designed and handcrafted by us, here in New Zealand and as a fully New Zealand owned company.

After gaining work experience in New Zealand for 3 years, I decided to set up my own business to make good quality and reliable sound systems affordable. Designed to customers needs and extendable at any time. So my New Zealand born wife Crezet and me founded Delta Audio Engineering.

I designed the MPS system, fully analogue, on a quality and multi – functional based idea. Even if some functions look as if they are doubled up, we give you a multiple choice of use.

DAE quality MPS sound systems are innovative, different to conventional sound systems, hand-crafted in New Zealand and designed to customers needs. To achieve all this, I only use selected low noise operational amplifiers and 1% low noise metal film resistors in my pre-amplifiers as well as ultra low impedance outputs to drive as many zones as needed. Together with well designed circuitry and reliability tested, all systems are easy to operate and give you a recognizable improvement in sound.
Our fully balanced designed power amplifiers give you this extra „silky“ and „smooth“ sound on high frequencies. All amplifiers meet international DIN HiFi standards.
DAE MPS systems work with powerless controls which means that no unnecessary heat is being created in cables and attenuators.The only items who „heat up“, are the class AB designed power amplifiers.


DAE reliable Hi-Fi quality sounding power amplifiers are 24 hours tested before they leave to the customers. All complete designed and manufactured sound systems are assembled and function tested before delivery or installation. And last not least, there is a warranty of at least 2 years.

Free planning and on-site assistance for contractors, sound system installers, construction companies and architects is also available. Please ask or send us a mail.

We are looking forward to seeing you as a new customer soon


Crezet & Werner



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